Sweat-Proof Skincare for Sports: Expert Tips and Products

When it comes to sports and intense workouts, keeping your makeup flawless can be a challenge. Expert makeup artists share their tips on sweat-proof and sport resistant skincare tailored for sports enthusiasts.


Prepping Your Skin for Sweat-Proof Makeup

For a makeup look that endures your sports routine, start with a well-prepped base. According to makeup artist Carolina Dali, hydrating your skin with a non-oily moisturizer like La Potion Infinie from Argentum Apothecary is essential. Moisturized skin provides a better grip for makeup, ensuring longevity during workouts.



The Importance of Lightweight, Oil-Free Products

Celebrity makeup artist Emma White Turle advises using light, oil-free products with intense pigmentation. She recommends starting with a vitamin C serum and applying an SPF moisturizer like Black Girl Sunscreen Broad Spectrum or Sisley Paris All Day All Year Essential Anti-Aging Protection Shield for a radiant finish.



Choosing the Right Moisturizer for a sport resistant skincare

Nick Barose suggests a gel or gel-like moisturizer such as Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel Mask. For those with oily skin, he recommends skipping moisturizer and using alcohol-free toner or cleansing water like Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water.



Waterproof Formulations and Water-Resistant Products

Rae Morris advocates for waterproof and naturally water-resistant makeup products. She recommends aiming for a glowing, dewy look, avoiding powders that can change color when wet. For oil control, Nick Barose suggests Tatcha’s Aburatorigami Blotting Papers to maintain a fresh appearance because it’s ideal for a sport resistant skincare.



The Art of Layering for Long-Lasting Makeup

Carolina Dali emphasizes the effectiveness of layering powder over cream-based makeup. This technique seals both products, enhancing staying power. Dali uses this method for eyeliner and blush, combining a cream blush like Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick with a powder blush for unmatched longevity.



Setting Spray and Refreshing Mist for Endurance

Emma White Turle recommends setting sprays like Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray for prolonged makeup in the heat. Nick Barose suggests carrying a rose water misting spray like Cortas Rose Flower Water for on-the-go freshness during workouts.



Cooling Tricks for Overheated Skin

If you’re still facing challenges, Turle suggests cooling down overheated skin with an ice bath or using an ice roller like Esarora Ice Roller before your skincare routine.





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